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Our Story


Comer Teng Studio is a husband and wife team that has been working together since 2017. We create and design jewelry, accessories, home goods and more.  

They work with wood, leather, cork, acrylic and upcycled fabric to design and create. 

We are especially interested in using sustainable materials and are often thinking about our environmental impact as a small business. 



Since I was little, I have always enjoyed making things for myself and others. 

My earliest memories of designing was with my mom. I remember heading to the fabric store and choosing fabrics with her to make clothing for me, my sister and other relatives. I was excited to imagine what the fabric would turn into, dreaming of the fabric's potential and possibilities. My mom showed me how to live a creative life. I will always treasure our special times together at the fabric store where I first learned to dream about handmade creations.

I have always wanted my own business like my father.  He had a restaurant during my childhood which he worked tirelessly to make a success. I definitely have gotten that same entrepreneurial spirit. I continue to be excited to design, create and share my ideas with others. It is something that I find truly exciting and I am so proud of what Sean and I have created and what is to come. 



I was born and raised in rural Maine and grew up with a passion for using my hands. Drawing, sculpting and building led me to a degree in Studio Art at the University of Vermont. I met Paulina there in 1998 and we’ve been together ever since. We graduated and even though I never formally pursued an official career in the art field, I’ve never stopped creating. Working with leather and making jewelry and accessories has been something totally new for me and I’m so excited to be making these creations with my best friend.