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Article: Beautiful Bordeaux

Beautiful Bordeaux

Beautiful Bordeaux

Sean and I had an incredible time in France with our family last April. 

We were visiting friends who are there for a few months and were able to bring along our son and daughter.  Bordeaux was a two hour train ride from Paris and we were on a train that clocked 200mph.  Wow!

Sean and I fell in love with this city and it's charm.  We loved exploring the endless cafes, pop up markets, museums, gardens and more.  Sean was able to skateboard with his friend and our son and we rode bikes and went for a hike.  

Sean and I often like to go for runs on vacation because it is another way to see the area we are in.  

Here is one view we had on our morning runs:

A view from the apartment we were staying in. 

A pic from our group bike ride.  I rented an electric bike.  That was so fun!  Have you ever rode one?  It was great to have an assist when you were feeling tired! 

Bordeaux has a variety of foods and we were able to enjoy not only traditional French cuisine but also Japanese, Korean and Middle Eastern.  We really enjoyed eating and cooking Korean BBQ.  Delish. 

Sean and I LOVE street art.  Seeing people's style, use of color, scale and more is always incredible to see especially when considering what can be achieved with spray paint.  Here is some art we found at a skatepark and this other artist is all over the city.  Not sure who it is but I was in love with the whimsical style and use of color. Graffiti art always inspires us and we really enjoy seeing it wherever we travel.  

Here is a vintage shirt I thrifted at a pop up market.  I'm obsessed with the colors in it and boho style.  Which earrings from our collection do you think I wore with this?

We also came across the most beautiful shop and was able to meet the artist.  We love to bring home art from our travels and definitely fell in love with her style and her two store puppies.  She is on Instagram if you are curious.  Her handle is   

@ L_Vicuite.  

Isn't her shop so picturesque?

What cities do you love to visit and what cities are still on your list to see?

I would love to hear! 

Thanks for being here!


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