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Article: Why Comer Teng Studio?

Why Comer Teng Studio?

Why Comer Teng Studio?

Sean and I started this business in 2017.  I wanted to have a small business and something that honestly, didn't involve children.  At the time, our two kids were in elementary school and I was teaching second grade and my life didn't feel like my own.  I was in service to children all day every day and I needed something just for me.  Sean supported me from the start and the rest is history. 


I chose the name PT Color Market because I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted it to be at the time. Choosing a name is such a challenge.  PT are my initials so that worked and I love all of the colors.  I love the idea of having a business which is like a market experience and allows our customer to shop for a variety of things that are unique and special to our business.  Being online can seem overwhelming and impersonal so calling it a market felt more intentional, fun and friendly. 

Now that we are over six years into this business, we both were in agreement that we were ready for a change and ready to introduce some new elements of our business with our community and beyond.  

Sean and I love to create not only jewelry but other beautiful things. Sean is such an integral part of this business and we wanted our name to reflect that. After brainstorming hundreds of different possible business names we came back to our last names and that is where Comer Teng Studio came from.  As a studio we love to create, design and come up with new projects all of the time.  We have dedicated space in our home because we believe in the value of using our space to create things we love and for others to enjoy.  

Sean and I love being a team and we at Comer Teng Studio are excited to share with you some of our new projects, designs and creations that we know you are going to love.  

 As always, thanks for being here. 



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